Saturday, 21 July 2012

How Much You Love Mother?

سم الله الر حمن الر حيم
اسلام عليكم

Assalamualaikum... Today is our first day of fasting right for Muslim in Malaysia.. How you get along? I hope everyone is improving their iman and taqwa in this Ramadhan..

'How Much You Love Mother'..  Mother could love their children and taking care many behave of her children but could one children care enough about her mother? 
Mother love can't be replace by other person in this world...  

Last week I called up my mother to tell her that I'm going to back to hometown.

''Mom, I already bought ticket to go home this thursday.." I said.
''Oh, that great, but how about your class in Friday?..'' Mom answer with rough voice and cough.
''I didn't really had much class in Friday... Muet class is postpone, there is only BM class in Friday morning.. Mom are you sick? your voice is different..'' I said
''Oh... just a little cold, you need not to worry about your mother...'' Mom, said.

Well mom convince me not to worry about her, so I did. I didn't worry at all after that.
In fact when I arrive home yesterday early in morning he looks fine.. She still could smile to me, have a conversation with me and we did go to supermarket together. Last night after return from tarawih prayer, mom did sweat a lot.. Her temperature rises, but after took some medicine  she fell asleep..

But today, my thought that mom only had normal fever is wrong after all.. Today during the day mom could not even woke up, she only lay down in her bed listening to Quran reciter. I ask her to open up her fasting by eating medicine pill but she refuse...
Mom said to me.. " Don't worry so much, I'll be okay soon.." That words make my heart full of tears..

When I was little if I got fever, mom always accompanied me, always taking care of me.. always feed me.. As her son, can I do the same for her????

After a long times, today I was able to feed my mom during 'buka puasa'... I cook for her for today, I make water for her for today... I gave some medicine for her before I go for prayer.. 
Tears drop down when I caught this moments.. I refresh the memories that mom always support me in every action I do.. This little thing I do is not close enough for what Mom had do for me...
But, I'm still happy I can show my love to my mom :')

You can never repay what mom did to you when raising you up, so If you love your mom.. Please contact them right now.. and said ''I love You Mother'' before everything goes late.. You never know when Allah will call them up, because Allah love them much than you do....

Please pray for your mother in this Blessing Month


  1. moga2 u'r mom cepat sembuh, aamiin.. :)
    be strong yea! ^^

  2. Sedih lah baca blog abang aji, huhu. Get well soon mak abang aji.