Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Happy Teachers Day Mom

행복한 교사의 날/haengboghan gyosaui nal/Selamat Hari Guru..

For Pn. Hameyah Kasim .. You're the first teacher for me... From little utill I'm big you always though me to be a person, you gave education, you teach me manners and behave, you give me spirit of Islam.. 
You care me with full of loves, You raised me up with everything you can do.. 

Sometimes I been too rude for you, but you'll never left me alone, when everyone left me, you pick me up, when I fell you hold my hand... 

When I cry, you wiped my tears, When I'm alone, you keep me accompany.. When I get angry you make me calm... Day and Night you pray for my success, without my knowledge... 

You never tired of raise me even I hardly to said 'Thank You'.....
But Today, With Blessed of Allah.. I said.. Thank You Mother to be my dunia and akhirat teahers..
even I can never repay your goodness for me.. I proud to have a good teachers in my life... I apologize for all my mistake before..

Thank You For Everythings, Teacher.. I pray to see you in Jannah :')

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