Sunday, 9 December 2012

Smiles That Dissapear

Smiles That Dissapear

That smile happen long times ago,
In a small town in small country,
We just a normal kids running happily around,
I really miss that smile,
The small that someone always give me at school,
When we running along school balcony playing hid and seek.

A person with beautiful smile always attracting they said,
A simple smile can change some one life they said,
A smile can make your day brighter they said,
And they were right.

After primary school I move on with my journey path,
Taking step in a different path,
To face more challenging world,
The fates have met I and the smile again in a same path,
Everyday move on as usual,
Realizing that smile is getting beauty than the past,
But yet we are still friends,
Study and helping each other.

I’m not a good person for good person like you,
I’m rude,
I’m not perfect not even in your eyes,
I still remember the day I scold you,
Your tear drops after that,
I thought we never talk again,
But your smiles never give up

Warm greets a gave you,
A lovely smile you gave me back,

That starts to change my mind,
Why she is being too nice to me?
I have strange feeling, everything I see you after that,
My heart pumped heavily,
Your smile, your smile melts my heart bit by bit,
You win; I’m falling in love toward you.

Although I denied at first,
But in the ends I accept it,
Finally we declare to be called ‘lover’ in the year of exam war,
It is one of happiest moments in my life,
I know every day is gonna be different now.

We knew each other for a long times,
We also know both side of family well,
But that is just when we are friends,

Our journey as student continues,
The road separate again after that,
You took a chance to another road,
And I took another road,
And a smile lover separated by time and distances.

After two year of long journey,
A smile greet our meet again,
Seeing your smile after long time,
Is just like a beautiful rainbow after a storm,

I wish this moments is last forever,
We shall continue this journey together,
I won’t lose you again,
This world is to huge for us to playing hid and seek.

Well .. shiny day cannot be forever,
Soon something happens,
A thunderstorm strike our relation,
And that smile disappear in the storm,
Leaving me a thousand of question with no answer,
The storm wounded my heart badly,
Turning my head upside down,
Making me crazy to death!

Everyday my walk is slower than before,
My life is full of darkness,
Tear and sorrow fill my heart,
Can’t even make my mind to make rightful judge,
I’m alone in this loosing step to move beyond,

I wish I never know that smile!!
I wish I never talk to you!!
I wish I never be nice to you!!
 I wish... I wish... I wish.. we never in love!!!

Luckily my friends was there when the time I’m alone,
They make me realize that Allah is with us no matter what,
Soon I wake up again and continue my journey as normal person,
I’m very happy with my life after that,
I got nothing to fear to lose,

Although the scar of the wounded in my heart never recover,
But still I have brain to continue my daily life,
It not a long time after a call bothers my life again,
It was from you… A person with that smile….
I refuse your call a few times,
Until a friend ask me to answer it.. So I did,
You ask me for another out,
So she can explained everything,

And we did go out,
It was an awkward meeting,
No greetings,
Only smile and silent,
Then she started first…

The moment she talks,
A rain of tears flooded my heart,
The truth is far from my thought,
I knew it, I knew she always a good person,
She obey her parents,
She wanted the best for us but Allah want better for us,
She had to follow his family decision,

And I admit it,
And like a wind blows,
The wounded section of my heart gone,
I’m happy with her and her family decision,
I always knew she got to be with a better person than me,
And finally she got it,
And then, she meet his life partner in “Lafaz Sakinah”
I’m happy for her
Congratulations, Thank You and Sorry….

I never regard for what had happen,
I’m happy with everything happen,
Allah put me for her in my life for reasons,
And Allah takes her away from my life for a better reasons,
I know we had plans,
But Allah plans are always better…

Alhamdullilah… Thank You For Everythings…
I shall never forget the past..
And continues my life from what have I learnt…

Smile that disappear (Khai) 007-012

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