Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Historiac Day of Kirkby

سم الله الر حمن الر حيم
اسلام عليكم
Today is a very memorable day of Kirkby.. There are bad and good things happened on this day..
Which one to start eh?
Lets tell with good first, Today our class had planned to prank Afrah for her birthday.. Actually his birthday is on this Saturday, since  she will go back to her hometown tomorrow, so.. we planned to done it today..
First, my classmate blamed her for his returning as they could done assignment without her in the weekend. The purpose is to raised her anger.. Haha..
We all watch with speechless during the drama in class..
Next, two of our friends bring her out to calm her down and talk slowly, while the other goes out from class to prepare the prank..
We equip with floors, cake and presents.. Huhu
When Sofia brought her for a walk, we hide behind college right beside the court to attack her..
At last we supprise her and throw the floors at her.. We sang a birthday song and wish her happy birthdays
 Opie when torture Afrah..

 Afrah covered with Floors
Wordsworth with Birthday

 Jia with Hasif

This evening right after assembly for closing ceremony of english month and 'sukantara'... We found that 4 of our friends lost their laptop in class..

They was my friends from A2 : Robert Frost, during that time all of us were in hall and usually students tend to leave their laptop in class without any worries. However, this accident today change all of our perception. 4 laptop from the same class has been stolen and there was trying to get another few laptop. Our admin gave some talk about security on this evening and advise to stay alert at anytimes..

I feel sad and sorry for Ida, Aliya, Fifi and Amira... May you stay strong and have faith with Allah..

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