Monday, 23 April 2012

MQA Interview

سم الله الر حمن الر حيم
اسلام عليكم
Today MQA has come to our college to get a review about the college. MQA is short of Malaysia Qualification Agency. Two officer has come to our colleges this morning.

Event the administration of Kirkby are fear about their comes, last week I saw our admin help the cleaner worker to tidy up this college. It nice to see how they work together for our goals. This morning, the officer has come to my class to watch how the learning progression carry on. Luckly this mornig was Miss Darchaini class.. And we had a discussion about right about animals.. They were happy to see a group present well in the front.

This evening they call the student representative council to have a little talk to them.. So 8 representative has been chooses to join the talk include me.  They ask about subject we learn here, the dissatisfaction on our study and thing that we want to improve..
I don't talk much, I only seat and agree with others.. Its a bit shaking when I faced officer like that.. Haha

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  1. your interview was in my birthday date. and today i got the mqa interview and i found your blog. what a world